Thursday, March 29, 2007

One Date for Easter for all Christians - Make your voice heard!

The Resurrection is at the centre of the Christian faith, without it there is no Christianity. However, nearly every year, Catholics, Protestants and Orthodox celebrate Easter on different dates, sometimes as much as five weeks apart! The feast of love for Christians should be celebrated on the same date. There is One faith, One God, One Messiah, One Holy Spirit and we have 2 dates for Easter!!! This is a scandal! Jesus says in TLIG he wants His Passion and Resurrection celebrated on ONE DATE ! He asks us to pray for this.

If you do not understand why Jesus wants Easter celebrated on one date for all denominations click on the link and read about it on this new website:

This new website aims to collect 1 million signatures and we have a long way to go!!! Sign the petition and send it to your friends. If those of us who read TLIG do not take action and all get at least 10 other people to sign this petition...who will take action? We have to act. We must understand, we need to understand what Unity is about. A house divided cannot stand! Click read and sign now.