Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Love God, Love One Another: "God Does Not Operate as Humans Operate" by Rita Ring, May 8, 1994

God Does Not Operate as Humans Operate

God's Blue Book III Cover

May 8, 1994

R. God does not operate on your schedule. You ring, you get an answer. God's way is the way of faith. He operates in the inner promptings of your heart. He gives you His answers here.

May God help me!

How do you develop faith and trust when you expect God to give you answers like humans? Your faith and trust in God is what develops over time. I cannot demand that God give me an answer when I want one. Do I think I can control God too?

God does not work this way. If I do not develop faith and trust, what will I do when things are so bad? Do I think He will constantly appear and reassure me? He does not work this way with me or most of the world.

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