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Love God, Love One Another: "Bring Your Cares to the Foot of the Cross" by Rita Ring, May 9, 1994

Bring Your Cares to the Foot of the Cross

God's Blue Book III Cover

May 9, 1994 5:00a.m. 

I am God. I come to you to teach you a lesson. I want you to focus on Me. You feel that you are covered with cares. Put them at the foot of My cross. Tell Me all your cares and then let go. I am guarding your life. You are being followed by a band of angels. Do not fret or fume or worry about where you will go. I need you to do this work. I will guard you. You must be alone with Me. Sit in silence. Tell Me, as you are telling a friend, what is bothering you. I am God. I can do more than any human. I talk to you and you listen. Believe Me, I am truly talking here. I know exactly what you need. Come to Me when you are w

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eary and I will give you rest.

Satan is constantly trying to tell you to worry. I am there in the unseen world and I am present to you. Focus on Me, My sweet one. I am guiding you. I am guarding you. I am by your side, child. I mean every word you hear. Listen to Me, My sweet one, I love you so!

R. God's power is so obvious. He is guiding us. We must have faith. He is truly here, guiding me. He walks by our side. I must have faith. Faith is a gift from God. Pray for faith and the strength to live by it. I must obey Him in all things to the letter. I may have a struggle, persecution, but peace that I am doing His Will, not mine.

The face reveals the person within. I preach the gospel in how I am in my being. Jesus' face is on fire for love of us. It is radiant! I could not even gaze on it, there is so much power and might! My face reflects the God within. It will radiate with His power and might if He is alive within my heart. Keep your face shining. Put aside Satan and his ways that make you bowed down. Do not wear a dark cloud about your face. Reflect the gentleness of the God within.

Jesus: I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. There is no short cut, My child. I am the only way. Stay alive in My love. Trust at every moment. Trust in Me and let Me fill your heart with My peace and My love. You wait on Me, My child, and your eyes will reflect the God within. Your face is radiant as it is. Work on your interior, that which lights up your face.

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Be concerned with Me. Be in love with Me. Love shines from a person's face. Be about our love affair. Be on fire for love of Me so you will radiate to your brothers. It is up to you to live in My love or choose darkness. Live in My love and radiate it to the world.

They will see the face of God within you and live. You preach the gospel in your being. Your being must be so fixed on Me! I am God. I am Love. I want to live in you and light up the darkness. Let go! I do the work. Busy yourself about our love affair. Oh, I love you. I want to have My life with you.

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