Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Mary TV Update

June 21, 2011
St. Jacob's Church, Međugorje, Herzegovina

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First full day of our pilgrimage!
Dear Family of Mary!

After some little trials and delays with our air travel, we have arrived at Medjugorje! Our guide, Ivanka, told us that every pilgrimage must have penance, and so we did our penance and got it out of the way! We arrived at 2:00 am today, and after a short but deep sleep, raced down to the Church for a beautiful talk by Ivanka Elez. We hope to post the video when we get home. She spoke so beautifully about Our Lady. Again she told us that Our Lady confided with her the details of her life, and also many things about the future of the Church and the future of the world. This always blows my mind. How does Ivanka hold it in?? She is so quiet, so serene, so patient and so obedient to Our Lady. It is a marvel to me!


Then we went to English Mass at 10:00, and found that the main celebrant was Fr. John Riley from South Bend, Indiana! Our home town! He is a good friend of ours, and loves Medjugorje! What a joy to hear his familiar voice and attend Mass with him. Many of our good friends from South Bend were with him, and we had a great reunion!

After that, we had lunch at Columbos, and went to the Mary TV building to begin setting up for work. We had a great surprise! Two of our studio rooms have been readied for us, with tile floors and nice clean walls, electrical outlets and even internet! This is enough for us to begin to work in the building! What a joy!


We attempted to stream our daily rosary from our studio, but there were some bugs to work out of the equipment, and so the streaming was not consistent. Our apologies to those who tried to pray with us. We hope to be up and running tomorrow, for the rosary at least! As we prayed that rosary I had a feeling that this room is going to be the place where many beautiful testimonies are going to be given, showing the love and life-changing power of Our Lady. It was just a little joyful feeling!

At 6:00 pm we entered Ivan's chapel behind his house to pray the rosary with him and greet Our Lady at his apparition at 6:40. The rosary was very beautiful, very sweet. Then Ivan approached the front of the chapel, knelt down, and began to pray in expectation of Our Lady's coming. In one or two minutes, Ivan stopped praying and greeted Our Lady! It was beautiful to watch him respond to everything Our Lady said to him. Even from behind you could read his body language. He was so happy to be with Mother Mary, and to speak with her. His face lit up, and he became a young boy again.

Santa Marias

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Ivan shared about his encounter with Our Lady. I do not have it word for word, so I will just give you the gist of it. Ivan said Our Lady came, very happy. She came with her motherly greeting, "Praised be Jesus, my dear children!" Then she said that she has given us many, many messages over the years and all of those messages are messages of love. She invited us to accept her messages with love and renew them in our lives. She asked us to use actions and not words. She asked us to pray for her plans for the world to be fulfilled and thanked us for responding to her call. She prayed over us for a long time, especially the sick, blessed our religious articles and then she had a private conversation with Ivan. Ivan said she prayed for all that was in our hearts. Then she left in the light of the Cross.

What a joy it was to be present for Our Lady's coming. Denis and I and our team prayed for all of you, your intentions and needs. We asked Our Lady to bless all of you. Hopefully on Thursday you can be present over the internet!

I have to go to bed. So exhausted!!

God bless all of you, and please keep praying for us!

In Jesus and Mary!
Cathy Nolan

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