Sunday, June 19, 2011


San Marino - Benedict XVI arrived this morning at the Torraccia Heliport in San Marino.The Pope landed on a helicopter of the Italian Military Aviation That Took off from Rome's Ciampino Airport.Were there to greet the Captains Regent HIM Maria Luisa Berti Tamagnini and Philip and the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs fo Antonella Mularoni.The Pope was welcomed by Sante Canducci Also, the Ambassador of the State Small Nonetheless Which is accredited with the Holy See, the Papal Nuncio Msgr.Bertello Joseph And The Bishop of the San Marino-Montefeltro Diocese, Msgr.Luigi Negri.After the leavng Heliport, the Pope was then taken by car to the Serravalle Stadium where he is now celebrating mass...