Saturday, October 31, 2015

Spiritual Gems-The Perfect Image of the Goal of Imitation of Christ Through Mary -October 31, 2015

The Perfect Image of the Goal of Imitation of Christ Through Mary

Our Consecration to Jesus through Mary and our acceptance and living of the Flame of Love Grace has but one purpose: "In the school of St. Maximilian Kolbe (and St. Louis de Monfort, St. John Paul II and Elizabeth Kindelmann), we learn that unlimited consecration to the Immaculate lived out in its fullness, brings us to the mystical transubstantiation into the Immaculate...The presence of the Immaculate, fully actualized, truly carries the soul to the summit of sanctity and perfection, namely, the participation in the very holiness and unequalled perfection of the Immaculate....

"The most concrete and expressive example of this, which is totally spiritual, is that of a (pregnant) mother....She possesses and forms him in the secret place of her womb while the child who is present (within) lives through, with and for her alone. The mother, in reality, is his entire life, his entire substance, since she is giving to him her flesh and blood."

Msgr. Stefano Manelli from "The Marian Vow"

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