Thursday, September 22, 2016

Activist Zhang Lin released from prison, speaks with daughters

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Anhui, China: Zhang Lin and his daughter Anni, before his arrest in 2013
Veteran pro-democracy activist Zhang Lin has been released from prison early, and spoke for the first time in three years with his daughters, Anni and Ruli, on Friday, September 9, at the San Jose home of Reggie Littlejohn and her husband, Robert. 
Littlejohn, president of Women’s Rights Without Frontiers, described the conversation:
“We spoke for about an hour and it was a very emotional conversation. At first, Anni and Ruli spoke with their father alone, then my husband and I joined the conversation. There were times when everyone was in tears.
San Francisco, CA: Anni and Lily Zhang, with Reggie Littlejohn, upon their arrival in the United States, September 7, 2013
“Zhang Lin looks great – much better than I expected him to look after such a lengthy prison sentence. He said that he feels healthy - with the exception of wanting some work done on his teeth. 
“I asked him how the prison guards had treated him and he said, ‘Actually, pretty friendly.’ He wants to thank the Chinese government and the United States government, as well as U.S. friends, for all their help. He expressed intense gratitude to my husband and me for taking care of his daughters for the years he was in prison – but we told him it has been an honor to help him in this way, and a pleasure to welcome his lovely daughters into our family. Read More.


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