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Mary TV: April 24, 2017 Reflection - A little teaching on prayer!

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April 24, 2017
St. Fidelis of Sigmaringen
Dear Family of Mary!
May 25, 2002 "Dear children! Today I call you to put prayer in the first place in your life. Pray and may prayer, little children, be a joy for you. I am with you and intercede for all of you, and you, little children, be joyful carriers of my messages. May your life with me be joy. Thank you for having responded to my call."
We find ourselves in the Easter Season, having just celebrated Divine Mercy Sunday! So many graces have been poured out upon us!! So today I want to share with the transcript of Fr. Leon's Snippet for April 20 2017. It is brief but very much to the point. He teaches us about prayer. And prayer is at the heart of our response to the graces of these days. So enjoy!
Fr. Leon's Snippet from April 20, 2017:
In the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit! Amen!
Good morning everyone! I am going to talk to you today about prayer. Most people tell me that for prayer they ask God for things. But what is prayer? Prayer is the raising of our hearts and minds to God above. If you had a friend who only talked to you when they asked you for things, would they long be your friend? Would they remain friends with you for very long? No I guess not. You would get fed up with them if they only came round for a cup of sugar.
Now prayer is usually divided into four parts. The first is Adoration. Adoration means "ad ore" - to the mouth. It means to kiss. Adoration means to love. In Adoration we adore God because He is supremely adorable. He is worthy to be loved and praised. We don't tell Him he is marvelous so that we can get things out of Him or to flatter Him. We tell Him what He already knows! He does not need our praise but we need to praise Him. Do you see the distinction? God does not need anything from us, but we need to adore Him. To praise Him.
Then the second one is Contrition. Contrition does not mean sorrow alone, as though we say I am a terrible sinner. No. "Contristus" means a heart ground up by love. Completely ground up. So it is sorrow for sins, but for a special reason - "because You love me so much." So it is a confident trust in God's mercy.
Then the third one is Thanksgiving. I often tell my Confirmation kids, imagine you wake up tomorrow and all you have is what you thanked God for today! And many of them look frightened because they realize they would wake up dead! Thanksgiving! Remember the word "Eucharist", the Mass itself is Thanksgiving! Thanking God, because everything that we have is from Him. Our life, our being, everything is from Him.
And last of all, Supplication. Supplication means to ask for things. So notice that, asking for things comes last. It is the last part of prayer. And these four things spell out a little acronym, so you can remember it.
Adoration - "A"
Contrition - "C"
Thanksgiving - "T"
Supplication - "S"
Now you can remember it? Marvelous!
In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit! Amen!
Fr. Leon's snippets are the "back to basics" of the Catholic life! Don't miss them. The link is posted on our home page.
In Jesus, Mary and Joseph!
Cathy Nolan
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