Friday, October 26, 2007

Radio WAVE show on causes strong reaction


Last night's broadcast of Radio WAVE caused quite a stir and reaction from many of the listeners. Many said that it was the best that they've heard so far. Even the Community of Caritas, who is seasoned, said that it was one of the best programs they've heard. You can download this program by clicking here, or stream it at your first opportunity by clicking here- if you have trouble opening the browser, go to and click on Radio WAVE on the left menu. From there choose past shows, and click on the Radio WAVE Live October 25, 2007 program.

*This will take you to the player. On the bottom screen, choose the Radio WAVE Live October 25, 2007 Broadcast.


Remember the next scheduled show of Radio WAVE will be on Friday, November 2, 2007 at 7:00 PM Central. This will coincide with Mirjana's apparition and message from Our Lady regarding nonbelievers.


Also, place on your calendar the 5-part series on Look What Happened While You Were Sleeping, that can be heard live on Radio WAVE. The series starts at 7:00 PM central on Monday November 12 , and will end on Friday November 16, 2007. Each evening's broadcast will begin at 7:00 PM central. Spread this event to everyone you know.


In the Love of the Two Hearts,


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