Monday, October 22, 2007


Heaven Speaks to Those who Fear Purgatory
By "Anne," a Lay Apostle   

December 21, 2006


My beloved children harbor many fears. This is understandable. The fears of one can be transmitted to another and this is not good. During this time, fear spreads through the world quickly, almost instantaneously, through the media. Perhaps you rise on each day and look out and see that the sun is shining. It is a good moment for you. I am with you, you are fed, and My sun is shining. But this is not enough. You look to see what is happening in other parts of the world. Through communications that are often unnecessary for you, you learn that there is war, disaster and famine. You look out again but the joy you had taken in the sunshine is gone. How can you feel joy when in another place there is war, disaster and famine? You fear immediately that these things will come to you.

I want you to be aware of the needs of others and if a cross comes to you, I want you to carry it with dignity. But I want you to remain in your life, paying attention to your tasks. My friends, few are serving in the area where I have placed them. They are isolating themselves, listening to events from everywhere else in the world. In the meantime, events in their own areas pass unheeded and untended. It is true that I will use communications to further My renewal. I will use everything I can to save souls. But I want less time given over to the consideration of the crosses and challenges of others and more time given over to the crosses and challenges in front of each one of My children. My enemy is using these communications to inflate the fears of My children. Fear is not from Me. Because there is disaster in one area does not mean that you are assured of disaster in your area. Children, listen to Me. It is good to sympathize with others through constant prayer and concrete assistance. It is not good to be inundated with images of disaster. This is not from Me. In each situation of upheaval, there are holy men and women acting as apostles and helping Me. They are becoming saints through these situations. My angels are present, as well as My saints. I am present. I am sustaining many and reaping a harvest for heaven in every event that occurs in your world. When each soul completes their time on earth and comes to Me, there is justice. You do not see this on your televisions. You do not read this in your newspapers. I am barely represented in these communications so you must not look to these communications for truth. Look to Me, in prayer, and there you will find truth.

I make reference now to the fear harbored by many that they will suffer unbearably in purgatory. My friends, you see unjust and seemingly unbearable suffering on earth and you are fearful. You then transfer this fear to Me because if injustice is allowed on earth, surely injustice is allowed in the heavenly Kingdom. This is simply not true. There will be no injustice here and you will not suffer physical pain in purgatory.

Perhaps this does not comfort you. Perhaps you understand how sinfully you have behaved and you fear just punishment. If you feel this way, you have not spent enough time resting in My companionship. You do not know Me. You do not understand heaven or its many kingdoms. I do not hold this against you. It is for this reason I am giving you these words. Do not be afraid of the process of purification that awaits some of you after your death and before your entrance into heaven. There is nothing to fear. You will find that I am all compassion and mercy. I do not seek to condemn you, but to save you. I am your friend and I love you. Even if you are not My friend now, at this time, I have hope that you will change your mind and become My friend later, at the time of your death. A friend does not prepare pain for a loved one coming in front a long journey. A friend prepares a time of recovery if it is necessary and that is what I have prepared for you. Think of time in purgatory, as time for recovery. You will recover and grow in purgatory if, together, you and I find that you need this. I will take care of you always.

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"In Cordibus Jesu et Mariae"