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Children of Medjugorje October Report


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    Ralph Martin

    October 15, 2007

    Dear Children of Medjugorje,
    Praised be Jesus and Mary!

    1 -    On October 2nd, Mirjana shared the following message after the apparition: "Dear children, I call you to accompany me in my mission of God with an open heart and complete trust. The way on which I lead you, to God, is difficult but persevering and in the end we will all rejoice in God. Therefore, my children, do not stop praying for the gift of faith. Only through faith will the Word of God be light in this darkness which desires to envelop us. Do not be afraid, I am with you. Thank you!"

    Mirjana described that, at the end of the apparition she saw the Heavens open and an intense, strong light into which Our Lady entered Heaven.


    2 -   Suspend the laws of nature?

    After a spectacular conversion in Medjugorje nearly 10 years ago, Luigi has been bringing groups of pilgrims from Italy (with very little promotion).

     Last June, in the midst of huge crowds celebrating the 26th Anniversary of Our Lady's apparitions, Laura, one of his pilgrims, a young woman of 28, unabashedly told him that she had come to die in the Gospa's arms since her life was so worthless and her family such a disaster. Trying to keep his cool, Luigi placed pilgrims by her side who would be constantly with her.   He also joined the team, becoming a watchman in a tower of prayer.


    On the last day, Laura was reported missing at the meal prior to departure. Luigi rushed to her bedroom and found the two helpers trying in vain to convince her to rejoin the group.   It was obvious to everyone that she intended to carry out her gruesome plan. As Luigi added his own efforts to theirs, Laura lunged for the open window to throw herself out. From the depths of his being, Luigi said to himself: "I must save her!". In spite of the bed and the several yards that separated him from Laura, he dove toward the window to catch her and managed to seize her by the waist. Given the distance, he was surprised to find that he reached the young woman in time. However, his own momentum and the weight of the tall young woman, who was already half way out the window, pulled them both into the air, and Luigi found himself freefalling with her.   Still, the voice within him persisted: "I must save her!"  So he maintained his clasp on her.  In the next moment, not knowing how, he found himself standing in front of the window with the young woman, unharmed, next to him. The two assistants stood in awe, baffled at the situation! The laws of gravity and inertia were put on hold, and a life was saved!  

    Since their conversion, Luigi and his spouse pray and live the messages of Our Lady the best they can. "Through fasting and prayer," says Mary.   "You can stop wars, you can suspend the laws of nature."

    The Gospa just couldn't let this young woman die during the anniversary, which are supposed to be times of joy! Especially if it meant pulling this faithful disciple, Luigi, out the window in her fall! Luigi was still shaking as he told me his story three months later. Summarizing the experience he said, "With my finger, I have touched the power of prayer and fasting, and my trust in Mary has surged upward like an arrow!   If people only knew what they are throwing away ignoring the messages!"

    Theology is not Luigi's forte, rather he is a modest tile setter.  But when he starts to speak about the Gospa, he says that there's no limit to the miracles and marvelous deeds she's ready to perform for us if we but give her our"YES!" each day from the bottom of our hearts, like trusting children!  

    3 - A child is born unto them!  

    Jelena Vasilj-Valente, the locutionist, and her husband Massimiliano joyfully announced this month in Rome the birth of their fourth child. Baby Bernadette is doing well! Thanks be to God for this splendid gift of life!

     4 - A miracle leave from China? 

    Bernadette: A new life created for the happiness of her parents. Laura: A young woman who had lost hope and tried to commit suicide.  Side by side, these two events typify events that occur in tandem each day in our world. The Gospa warning us of the "darkness that seeks to envelop us" is another event we can't afford to ignore, instead let us pray, pray, pray!

     This message is of utmost importance! To ensure that little Bernadette may never experience despair, that Laura may give thanks to her Creator for the gift of life, that all of us may live as children of light, our Heavenly Mother is once again putting her remedies and weapons in our hands! That is: praying more than ever for the gift of faith, steeped in the Word of God, which is the light upon our feet.   Living faithfully the Sacraments and fasting, keeping God in the first place in our lives, this is the way to true peace that she is showing us -the way to Heaven! 

    If today I hear that in some remote corner of China, a miracle leaf is growing that can bring peace of heart back to my son who is addicted to drugs, wouldn't I immediately buy a plane ticket to China, no matter what the cost? If I hear that there is a seaweed at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean that can cure my husband's depression, wouldn't I move Heaven and earth to get it? Well, we have a cure that is a thousand times better , Gospa's promise of true peace, genuine, lasting love and the immense happiness for which we have been created!

    Why delay enrolling in Mary's school and grabbing what is being offered to us from Heaven, free of charge, crystal clear and always efficient? Are we going to sit and wait until the darkness succeeds in its attempt to destroy us before we, tortured to death, finally lift our eyes up to Him, the only One who can save us?

    Dearest Gospa, thank you for being with us in a special way, in this time of grace!  Please help us to be with you too!

    In your presence, dear Queen of Peace, all fears vanish.

    Sr Emmanuel +


    PS 1 -   The German translation of Sister's latest book, The Hidden Child of Medjugorje , is now out:

    "Das verborgene Kind von Medjugorje". 464 pages, price: 22 Euros. 'Le Parvis' publisher in Switzerland.  Tel / fax: +41 269 159 399  - . I n Polish, at Wydawnictow Marianow in Warsaw, 7 Euros. Tel: +48 22 642-50-82, -   . In Italian, "Il Bambino nascosto di Medjugorje", 9 euros, tel +39 071 7450 440 at Shalom Editrice, Ancona, Italy, . The versions in English, Spanish, Croatian, Portuguese, Lebanese, Romanian, Dutch and Chinese are being made, we will keep you posted. We are still looking for good translators for the Slovakian, Czech and Japanese versions.

    PS 2 -  News of Vicka.

    Vicka has not yet resumed giving her witness to pilgrims from her staircase at her Blue House. The therapy for her back is progressing, but it is a slow process. Let's pray more that this wonderful witness of Gospa's love may be brought back to us!

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