Tuesday, November 01, 2005


There are many Saints that we know, especially if we follow the Liturgical Calendar of the Church. I love to do this and read about their holy lives. One of the prayer books that I use is the Magnificat, which usually has a short story of one of the Saints for each day. I would never know about these Saints otherwise, so I thank those who print those stories. But there are many Saints we don't know or read about, those who made it to Heaven, but are not officially declared Saints. These are the people who tried to follow the Lord in His teaching, received the Sacraments, especially Holy Communion, and had a devout prayer life. They had the Wisdom of God! We could learn from them, so that we too can be Saints one day! It's important to read the Lives of the Saints! It is very important to pray! is a great site to buy these books. As Louis Armstrong used to sing: "Oh when the Saints come marching in . . .", we hope to be one of them!!!