Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Quite often you see on T.V. a detailed presentation on the subject of "Evolution." It all seems quite convincing as you watch the so-called scientific explanations about the THEORY of Evolution.
To begin with--please don't let's forget evolution is not a FACT, it is merely a THEORY. Even though in some schools and colleges it is taught as if it were a fact, but it is not!
When Charles Robert Darwin, who lived 1809-1882, known as the English naturalist, came up with his theory, his doctrine, of evolution, it was received with much indignation from certain circles and caused much controversy:
What kind of man was Darwin?
What was his personal life?
Was he an atheist?
Was he somehow associated with Karl Marx, the atheist, who lived 1818-1883, during his life-time?
And if so--was Darwin trying to convince himself and Karl Marx and the World, that God does not exist--thus coming forth with his 'evolution theory?'
Was he trying to justify and prove scientifically that something comes from NOTHING?
Remember, the Georgia Prophet used to tell his congregation: "Some people give $50.--, some give $30.--, some give $10.--, some give nothing. NOTHING FROM NOTHING LEAVES NOTHING!" Good thinking.
Darwin and his evolutionists state very clearly: "Everything is according to the 'laws of Nature'--." Now, doesn't every law have a LAW-GIVER? It's self evident, if you got a LAW--you must have a law-giver. That's horse-sense. Yes, it's a scientific true-ism!
Now, who is this LAW-GIVER? ALMIGHTY GOD--who else!
Let's consider: Behold an eagle, look at the phenomenal, powerful, long-distance vision of this king of birds. He can see a speck on the ground from miles up in the air--it's a squirrel--he dives down at a tremendous speed to his prey, his aim and speed and timing and vision is perfection personified.
Do we realize how an intricate instrument the eye of an eagle is? Or the eyes of a human being? Consider the delicate construction of the ear. Also, scientists tell us, it will take another 100 years for man to understand the intricate makings of the Brain. - - -
Contemplate on the infinite perfection of design and wonders all around us--are we blind? - - -
Let me re-tell this simple story of the ship-wrecked atheists in the wide open spaces of the Pacific. They finally reached safety on an uninhabited small forlorn island. As they crawled ashore, they found a watch in the sand. Said one gentleman of the evolution theory: "Goes to show what evolution can do." - - -
Ancient thinkers listed four elements of our World: Air--Water--Fire--Earth--. All this evolved--from what? Indeed nothing comes from nothing.
All creation is a direct act of Almighty God--creating the LAWS OF NATURE, and all that goes with it!
The theory of Evolution is not scientific at all. It is a fantasy. It is false. It is absolutely wrong! It is out of order!!!
The implication of the Evolution theory is that there is no God. "Only a fool says in his heart, 'there is no God' "--. Remember this quotation from the Scriptures? Have we forgotten the words written on every dollar bill, engraved on every coin: "IN GOD WE TRUST."
You see, if there is no God--if no one is above you--then YOU are God! - - - You can do then as you please, no 10 Commandments, if you can get away with it . . . do as you like! The entire structure of civilization crumbles--the ORDER of keeping the law of the land and of God, collapses!
With all the calamities of murder and rape and wars we read and hear about every day--it all takes place because of the denial of the existence of God and His Laws!
The bottom line: Certain people will rather accept the belief and theory of evolution--thus skip the 10 Commandments and skip paying homage to Almighty God and thanking Him--which is His rightful due.
Let it also be said: If there is any merit to this matter of evolution (as one Religious explained)--it must be admitted that the Creator, in a direct act of Creation, gave the beginning and perpetuation to all created things. He gave this example: Supposing there exists a champion pool-player who makes one shot and all the balls one after another roll into the many pockets. Just as an embryo finally develops into a complete human being--God so gave the embryo the ability, the power, the capability, the faculty with its many organs--one has to admit and accept that Almighty God is the beginning and end of all creation! - - -
As a final P.S.: The evolution theory also attacks the Scriptures of the Old Testament, pulling OUT OF CONTEXT word from the Bible.
* * *