Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Fatima Custodian Update" title="" target="_blank">

Here’s How You Can Send A Special 
Note Of Encouragement To A Fatima Custodian!" title="" target="_blank">Kenneth Urgently Needs A New Van

Dear Deacon,

   Will you join with others who are sending a special Note Of Encouragement to Kenneth Murphy?

   He is a dedicated Fatima Custodian – working day and night to take Our Lady’s message to families across America.

   And he drives an old van.

   But he won’t stop doing Our Lady’s work! Despite his old van!

   In fact, just the other day he couldn’t keep the engine running, and so he took the van to an automotive repair shop.
    And the mechanic told him:

   “Stop trying to repair this vehicle and get a new van. It's running on 5 cylinders instead of 6 and can't pass state inspection.”

   Bad news indeed! But what is he going to do? He certainly can’t afford to buy a van out of his own pocket.

   So he is still driving that van, hoping and praying for the best.

   And that’s why I want to send him a special Note of Encouragement, saying:

   “Kenneth, you are not forgotten! And we are doing everything we can to get you a new van that you can depend on when the going gets rough!”

   But I want to do more than just send him this note! I want to send him a new van!

   And that’s where you come in. Your special gift right now will help me do that.

   Will you help? If so, then please" title="" target="_blank">click here now.

   I shudder when I think what could happen to Kenneth, or any of our other dedicated Fatima Custodians, unless we provide them with new vans. Think about this:

   One Fatima Custodian’s vehicle broke down on the way back from a Fatima home visit. The motor of his Ford Tempo just died. It was late at night.

   Alone and far from home, he had no idea where the nearest gas station might be, and he dared not leave Our Lady’s statue in the car and walk off to get assistance.

   So he stayed in the car all night to make sure nothing happened to the statue of our Pilgrim Virgin.

   Then, thanks be to God, the next morning a kind-hearted gentleman stopped and helped Jose tow his Tempo.

   However, he was forced to cancel Our Lady’s visit to many homes, leaving many people sad and disappointed.

   And unless we can get a reliable van for Kenneth, this could happen to him too!

   So let’s send a special Note of Encouragement to Kenneth – and also get him a new van!     

   You can say “yes” by" title="" target="_blank">clicking here now.

   What else can I say? I must put my trust in you, because you are always a wonderful friend when America Needs Fatima is in great need.

   And yes, I realize that I am asking you to make a significant sacrifice.

   But I trust you will help because you’ve been far more generous to America Needs Fatima than the average person.

   And I am deeply indebted to you for this.

   That’s why I am asking you now to help me get a new van for this very dedicated Fatima Custodian...

   ...and make sure that he is able to continue taking Our Lady’s statue and message into the hearts and homes of the families of America.

   But he urgently needs a new van to continue Our Lady’s work.

   And what’s the cost?

   I estimate that a new van will cost $23,500.

   Of course, I wouldn’t dare ask you to pay the whole price. I know that’s too much money to ask from you, me or any one person.

   But maybe you can give part of it.

   What I suggest is that you please think and pray about it.

   Then, if Holy Mary inspires you to help, then please" title="" target="_blank">click here, and send a gift of $25, or $35, or $50, or even $100 – or more!

   And in return, Kenneth will pray for you every night...

   May I hear from you? Immediately?

   Help Kennneth with a gift of $25, or $35, or $50, or even $100 to get a new van.

   And please know that whatever you send, it will be very, very much appreciated and acknowledged.

   May Our Lady of Fatima generously reward you.

   Thank you,


  Robert E. Ritchie
  Robert E. Ritchie
America Needs Fatima" target="_blank">
P.S. - I urge you to" title="" target="_blank">click here to send a special Note of Encouragement to Kenneth, along with a gift of $25, or $35, or $50, or even $100 to help buy him a new van.

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