Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Separation of Church and Penn State


In recent weeks, some news commentators have written about the need for media caution lest the scandal at Penn State boil over into a moral panic - a danger some writers feel the news media must be mindful about.  After a decade of moral panic in the Catholic Church, the caution is well taken.  But there is a story behind this story.  These Stone Walls presents:  Separation of Church and Penn State: A Media Double-Standard.

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. . . Ted made the very same point that I made above about the news media letting pass an opportunity to truly expose and effect sexual abuse: “I hope the pendulum swings back to some degree. I never agreed with zero tolerance. There has to be some respect for priests as basic citizens presumed to be innocent . . . The lack of balance in regards to the Globe and NY Times coverage indicates that they have clearly missed a chance to address societal child abuse. This belies a more sinister agenda by people who want to destroy the Church. Since the level of sexual sin in our society is so great, it makes people somehow feel good to persecute the Catholic Church for its abuse problem as a way to feel absolved of their own sin in some way.” . . .

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