Thursday, April 03, 2008


In a message to Fr. Gobbi (#263) on April 3, 1983 (Easter Sunday), Our Blessed Mother Mary exclaimed: "Jesus has risen, alleluia!"

Then She goes on to talk about the joy She experienced in Her Heart when Jesus entered Her little room where She was staying. He leaned down and planted a kiss upon the Mother, as She adored the marks of His luminous wounds with Her tears of joy!

"Peace to you, peace to all!", Our Lady repeats with Her risen Son!

And She says "let nothing disturb your peace," not the world, which is rebelling against God, so pervaded and in the hands of Satan;

not the darkened and divided Church, full of idolatry and apostasy;

not the persecutions and fratricidal struggles spilling out over the world.

Jesus is risen and alive among us!

He is guiding the vicissitudes of the world and of history, for the salvation of all!

Be at peace in the paschal joy of Christ.

At the end of this Message, Our Lady sends Her blessings on all of us! Amen!.