Wednesday, April 09, 2008


In another Easter Day Message #518 to Fr. Gobbi and the Marian Movement of Priests, Our Mother Mary continues to exclaim: "It is the Paschal Joy!"

After all the sorrows the Hearts of Jesus and Mary suffered, they are assuaged and the wounds are closed, because Jesus has risen! He appears to Mother Mary, takes Her into His arms and presses Her to His Sacred and pierced Heart.

How beautiful is Jesus now in His glorious body; gone are the marks of the scourging, the pierced crown of thorns! The nails are gone but His wounds shine brightly in divine beauty and glory! The Mother and the Son are once again united in one single joy!

It is the paschal joy: all humanity is made anew in the Fathers Will; all creation is redeemed by the bloody Sacrifice; even the just souls in Hades are set free, awaiting their ascension into heaven; all can once again be children of the Heavenly Father; joy enters the Holy Church once again as it travels its road to Calvary ("Quo Vadis, Domine?) ; joy spreads to all the hearts of Mary's children, awaiting the trials of the purification and gives us hope.

As we await the greatest event of all history: The Second Coming of Christ, when Jesus establishes His reign in the hearts of all mankind, and the fulfillment of the Divine Will of the Father, let us remain in paschal joy!

Roman Deacon