Thursday, April 10, 2008

[MaryVitamin] Third Glorious Mystery

Mary Vitamin for April 10th
Topic: Third Glorious Mystery
the Descent of the Holy Spirit and the Prayers of Mary
Father Stefano Manelli, FI
"According to the tradition of the Fathers and Doctors of the Church, it is above all through the prayers of Mary that will occur the descent of the Holy Spirit 'who will manifest himself openly in the formation of the mystical body of Jesus; whereas at the annunciation he manifested himself in secret, forming the physical body of Jesus.'"
 All Generations Shall Call Me Blessed, (Academy of the Immaculate), 143.
Pope Leo XIII
"Thence the Rosary takes us on to the Glorious Mysteries, wherein likewise is revealed the mediation of the great Virgin, still more abundant in fruitfulness. She rejoices in heart over the glory of her Son triumphant over death, and follows Him with a mother's love in His Ascension to His eternal kingdom; but, though worthy of Heaven, she abides a while on earth, so that the infant Church may be directed and comforted by her 'who penetrated, beyond all belief, into the deep secrets of Divine wisdom' (St. Bernard). Nevertheless, for the fulfillment of the task of human redemption there remains still the coming of the Holy Ghost, promised by Christ. And behold, Mary is in the room, and there, praying with the Apostles and entreating for them with sobs and tears, she hastens for the Church the coming of the Spirit, the Comforter, the supreme gift of Christ, the treasure that will never fail. And later, without measure and without end will she be able to plead our cause, passing upon a day to the life immortal. Therefore we behold her taken up from this valley of tears into the heavenly Jerusalem, amid choirs of Angels. And we honor her, glorified above all the Saints, crowned with stars by her Divine Son and seated at His side the sovereign Queen of the universe."
I will use the meditation of Pope Leo for my Rosary.
Marian Vow:
Pope Leo XIII
"When we have recourse to Mary in prayer, we are having recourse to the Mother of mercy, who is so well disposed toward us that, whatever the necessity that presses upon us especially in attaining eternal life, she is instantly at our side of her own accord, even though she has not been invoked. She dispenses grace with a generous hand from that treasure with which from the beginning she was divinely endowed in fullest abundance that she might be worthy to be the Mother of God."
I give this resolution to the Blessed Virgin Mary.
Thanks be to God for graces received.