Thursday, February 04, 2010

Love God, Love One Another: "I Ask You to Love Me More Than Yourself" by Rita Ring, June 19, 1994

I Ask You to Love Me More Than Yourself

God's Blue Book III Cover

June 19, 1994

Dear one, what I ask you to do is not what you want to do many times. You do it because you love Me more than yourself. Yes, dear one, I ask you to love Me more than you love yourself. Will you do that for Me? Ask for help to know more about love. I am Love. As I teach you, you learn a little more. If you love Me more than yourself, you will do many things that were once hard.

Total surrender is what I expect of you. When you see any abuse of the Eucharist, speak out. Child, you know how I am present, how I talk to you. I am in the Eucharist, every particle, Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity. Such irreverence by those who take Me to the sick. People need to know how truly present I am in every particle. This is God. They treat Me so irreverently.

Trust Me, sweet one. I will be your guide. Pray the Prayer for Union with Me. I ask for a total giving of yourself. You hold nothing back. You do not worry about what others think, you love Me first, above all things. Trust Me. Do you not know I calmed the storm? You must never doubt Me and My presence with you. My sweet and adorable child, totally surrender to Me. I am your beloved. I love you so. I am Jesus. I am the Son of God and I love you.

R. What do you think would pay the price for all the sins of mankind and win their eternal life in heaven? It must be the Father loved us so much, but He is just. Look at all the sins for all mankind - look at all the reward of everlasting happiness. The greatest sacrifice the Father could give was the gift of His only Son! He loves us this much!

He loved us this much. He is so just. The priest said, "Why does God allow awful things to happen to good people?" We do not know the ways of the divine God. We humans cannot ever understand, on earth, His ways. He is divine. We are human. He reveals some understanding to us as He draws us closer to the one, triune God.

Oh, Mary, let me love God through you. Such closeness, through your pure and loving Heart, such intimate union with Him, my one, true God!

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