Friday, February 05, 2010

Why Did C-Span Not Show Tim Tebow Giving the Closing Prayer?

I  received this email today which I'm posting as it shows us the media bias against Christianity and the Pro-Life cause! Thank you to Barbara for sending it to us!
Deacon John


I watched the Prayer Breakfast Live Online and President Obama left right before Tim Tebow's prayer, which was not shown on C-Span.  I did some investigating and found out the following:
I called C-Span today and I found out why they did not show Tim Tebow giving the closing prayer at the National Prayer Breakfast, the broadcast ended right before the prayer.  I was told that there is a pool and one news organization is picked to film the event and C-Span then broadcasts it and other news organzations use clips. After much research, the gentleman I talked to kept going back and forth trying to get an answer, I found out who it was.  Do you want to take a guess who the news organization was?  You guessed it -  CNN. 
I then called CNN and I asked why, if the program said that there was a Closing Prayer, would they shut down their camera.  He couldn't really give me a valid reason.  I then explained that the American public is very smart and I believe that this was purposefully not included in the broadcast.  I also said that this was very sad because I am sure Tim would have liked to have kept the video clip as a special memory.  Fortunately, a woman from Christianity Today did film it on her cell phone:
Barbara Yanchek
Jermyn, PA

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