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Love God, Love One Another: "Love Casts Out Fear" by Rita Ring, June 22, 1994

A depiction of Jesus and His Most Sacred Heart

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Love Casts Out Fear

God's Blue Book III Cover

June 22, 1994

R. I don't care if I see with my eyes. I care if I see You. To know You, to know You in my heart. Where I was blind, I now see. Do I see You, Who so sweetly teach me each day with such love? Do I see You and know You are truly there whether I see You with eyes or with my heart?

Jesus: Open up the gates to your heart, child, and there experience the one, true, magnificent God. Open your heart and feel His burning love for you, sweet one. In the very recesses of My Heart you will find such refuge. I come to you and I dwell in your heart deeply, truly present and forever with you. Where you wander do not go ever from Me. My Heart is forever with you.

I am God. I can do all things. You do not understand such unity in your heart. You only know more and more how it truly exists. Our hearts are united as one. Your life reflects the actions of the one, true God Who is truly present within your breast. I am the Sacred Heart of Jesus. I want to dwell inside of you in such union, 24 hours a day. Feel My burning love within your very breast. I burn for ardent love of you. My mother unites with Me in your love for Me. She places you deeply in My Heart. We are one with each other in Our Hearts. Think of this union with Me. This will keep you holy. To be so closely united, you will never want to offend Me.

Writing letters about your union with Me is more important than many other letters. I want an intimate, on-fire love relationship with each soul. My Heart is a burning fire. It is an abyss of fervent love, a furnace on fire for the love of you. You do not understand. You must pray to be drawn closer and closer to My Heart. This is your refuge. This is your strength. This is what will give you the drive to do this work I ask of you. You are to promote My on-fire, ardent love and devotion to the Two Hearts. You are to emphasize the love of God and, thus it follows, love for one another. You are to lead many to Our Hearts. I am Jesus. I never leave you orphaned!

I come to set this world on fire with My love. I died a brutal death for all. I come to tell them now of this love. My Passion and suffering, and that of My mother, are the keys to knowing such love. I remain this day in all the tabernacles of this world with such love for all My beloved ones. I come and give you Myself in the Eucharist. This is the closest union with Me. You must preach the Real Presence. It is in the Eucharist that you will understand My burning love for you. My Heart is burning, on fire for love of My beloved ones. I love them so. This I ask of you. The more you love Me, the more intimate you become with Me, the more you will light up this world with the fire of My love. Love casts out fear! Focus on My love for you and your fear will dwindle. You will live for Me. Consecrate your hearts to Me and My beautiful mother. We love you so!

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