Friday, February 12, 2010

Love God, Love One Another: "Come to the Light" by Rita Ring

Come to the Light

God's Blue Book III Cover

June 23, 1994 After Communion at Holy Spirit Monastery, Conyers

R. (An interior vision:) I see Him being taken down from the cross, a ladder, his body is entirely lifeless, slumped over, no resistance, totally life-like. She watches. Such relief, it is over. Such pain to see Him totally dead, after watching His anguish for three hours. The first touch of His lifeless body on her skin, this child she had held tenderly in her arms, the beloved child she had fed, loved, touched, with life in His body, not totally lifeless, dead. This is her beloved child!

Is this not how her children affect her Heart? We are her beloved children. We are given the life of grace in our hearts at baptism and throw away the graces and commit sins. Many of her children choose darkness over light.

Jesus: It is this life, child, that I give to you, My life within you. Do you see Us suffer for the children in darkness? As Mary suffered so to see My lifeless body, the beloved child of her womb, she suffers so to see the lifeless souls of her children, dark in sin.

R. Oh, Mary, our Mother, pray for us that we may turn from our blind ways and see only the ways of God. Mary suffered so to see the physical, human life go from Christ's body. Think how she suffers to watch the children spiritually dead in their souls, to watch the life of grace leave them.

She is our loving Mother. She is always so close to us.

Mary speaks:

My little, dear ones, I watch over you. I am your loving Mother. I care for your souls. I want to draw you to my beloved Son and His intense love for you, but you go so far after such things that mean nothing. Oh, children, turn your hearts to Him. He loves you so. We suffer for your indifference to Him. We suffer that you are so willful and do not see. Pray to the Holy Spirit to open your eyes, to give you His gifts. He loves you so, my dear little children. You have a loving Father, a loving mother who watches over you. Do not be willful, little ones. Come to us. Come back to my Son. He is the life in your soul. He loves you ardently. He is ablaze for love of you. Come, children, come to Jesus. Pray, pray, pray, my sweet ones. We love you so. We suffer with your darkness. Come to the light, come to the light of my Son, Jesus Christ. Your souls are at stake, little ones. This world has led many astray. You must pray and sacrifice. I love you. I am your loving Mother and thank you for responding to my call.

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