Sunday, August 31, 2008

"I am Returning, the Process has Begun"

By "Anne," a Lay Apostle   

The following presents the messages from Jesus to Anne regarding the value of suffering in His instructions to His Lay Apostles (Volume X: Jesus Speaks to His Apostles). The messages are both sublime and powerful, and we share them with you. Anne, a visionary from Ireland, has received permission from her local ordinary, Bishop Leo O'Reilly, for the distribution of messages which she receives from Jesus, God the Father, Our Blessed Mother, the angels and saints.
– Ed

October 9, 2004


My dear little apostles must heed My words in all calm. I am sending you the clearest instructions so that you have a clear vision of your mission. We are pulling souls back into the safety of the Christian family. We do so with love. My dear ones, I love you. I call you into service in all love and through your service to Me you will gain the greatest of graces for the intentions you hold dear. Do not fear that you will lose by your service to the Kingdom. There is only gain possible for you. Give Me each of your concerns and begin. Walk each day in the knowledge that you are fulfilling God's holy will for you and fulfilling your role in the Kingdom. It is for this mission you were placed on earth at this time. Do not refuse Me. Say yes to Jesus. You will be filled with My Light. Step forward in faith and allow My divine understanding to come to you.

October 11, 2004


My dear little apostles, I will always be with you. You walk in the world and My graces flow out from you. Because I confirm you in the Light, you spread heavenly light wherever you go. During this time you will begin to see this more clearly. This is a result of the vast amount of grace that is flowing through each one of you into your world. There will be those who will say that Christ's followers have always done this for the world. This is true, of course. But do not believe that these times are like other times. These times are different for many reasons. I am returning. The process has begun. Let none of My followers deny that I am working with a profound urgency. Despite the need for this urgency, I am also spreading a profound sense of calm and peace. All is well, little apostles. You have chosen wisely and you will serve heaven in all peace and trust.

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