Tuesday, August 05, 2008


Changing of Seasons

"My Secret Place", by Yvonne Ward

DEAR brothers and sisters,

Warm greetings in the love and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ.

For almost three years now, I have been writing on a regular basis the words which I feel the Lord has placed in my heart for you. The journey has been a remarkable one, and has affected me deeply.

I have received a number of requests throughout this time for these writings to be presented in a book form. The spiritual director of these writings has also urged me to do so. His advice is to take the heart of this broad work and present it in a more distilled form. In this way, you will have a more concise picture of what the Lord is trying to convey through so weak a vessel as I. And so, I have begun to write this book and compile the writings accordingly. If God wills it, it will be published.

It so happens that this has converged with the completion of the 10 part series, The Seven Year Trial. That series, in some regards, is a distillation in itself of the past two years, combining the Church Fathers, the teaching of the Catechism, and the Book of Revelation into one. I can tell you that the after-effects of the battle which ensued during their writing still remain. I am tired. But the Lord continues to send me "angels" to strengthen me when I feel I cannot go on any further. My mission is not yet finished; television may also be a part of my missionary work once the book is completed: a documentary summary of the writings… but one step at a time. We are drawing ever closer to the heart of this present Storm, and the Lord will not forsake us by remaining silent (Amos 3:7). To those who seek, they will find. To those who knock, the door will be opened. To those who listen, they will hear.

As in the past, if the Lord gives me a specific word or teaching to pass on to you, I will certainly do so. But most of my focus now will be upon the book—and the changes which He is bringing to my family…

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