Monday, August 11, 2008

[MaryVitamin] St. Clare and Marianization

Mary Vitamin for August 11th
Feast of St. Clare
Topic: St. Clare's following the charism of St. Francis led to her complete Marianization
St. Clare of Assisi
"As the glorious Virgin bore the God-Man within her, so we, if we imitate Mary in her poverty and humility may carry that same Saviour spiritually in our hearts, thus containing in ourselves Him, the Lord who in Himself contains all things."
Nesta de Robeck, St. Clare of Assisi, (Franciscan Herald Press: 1980), 108.
St. Clare explains her understanding of poverty,
"On one side there is Jesus, lying in the manger in the midst of the utmost poverty and wrapped in miserable clothes. O admirable humility! O stupefying poverty! The King of angels, the Saviour of heaven and earth lies in the manger. In the middle of this mirror you will see holy and humble poverty for love of whom the Saviour consented to suffer so grievously for the redemption of mankind. Then look at the other side which shows that ineffable love which flung the Saviour on to the wood of the cross there to die an infamous death.  Let us put down our mirror on the cross; and we shall understand those words which fall on each of us:
'O all you who pass by this way, stay and see whether there be any sorrow like to Mine.'"
From a letter of St. Clare to Blessed Agnes of Prague
Nesta de Robeck, St. Clare of Assisi, (Franciscan Herald Press: 1980), 112.
St. Francis says the most difficult and important of all poverty is to practice the poverty of one's own will which we see the Lord practice in Bethlehem ("We have no room") and in the Garden of Gethsemane ("Not My Will by Thine be done.")
Today, one time, I will choose something that is not of my will, in order to imitate Our Lady in her poverty and her humility.
Marian Vow:
St. Peter Chrysologus, Bishop & Doctor
 "Let no man say, 'I have nothing'; since God asks of you, not what you have not, but what you have. For the two brass mites of the widow were received as acceptable to God. Let us be generous to the Creator, that His creation may be generous to us."
Volume Four of the Sunday Sermons of the Great Fathers, (Preservation Press),122
I give this resolution to the Blessed Virgin Mary.
Thanks be to God for graces received.