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Love God, Love One Another: "I Have All the Power" by Rita Ring, April 29, 1994

I Have All the Power

God's Blue Book III Cover

April 29, 1994 6:30a.m.

Dear child, do not fume, do not fret. Hold tight to all I have taught you. You will know peace if you listen to My teachings. Satan wants to trip you up. He has no power over you! You must stay fixed on Me and My love. I love you so intently! I am Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I love you. Why should you worry about anything on this earth?

I am He Who has all the power and I am guarding your way. The devil uses your thoughts to taunt you. Focus your thoughts on Me and loving Me. Do not judge your brothers or worry what they think of you. Operate from love of Me and from selflessness. I will make things happen.

Obey Me in everything I make clear to you in your heart. Be open and focused constantly on Me. I guard your way. Concentrate on My Passion and how I loved you to My death and love you this way this very minute.

I, God, loved you to My death, child. Your only concern is love

Jesus Christ, that hurts!

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 of Me and love of one another. Strive to love and bring others to heaven.

I call you to preach the gospel this day in your being. Do not miss an opportunity to be Me to this world.

I love you. I go with you. My way is peace. You have nothing to fear ever. I am by your side. I love you, My beautiful child. Come to Me and you will find rest. I operate you and you can rest in My arms. Let go, surrender. I am truly here. I love you. Jesus.

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