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[MaryVitamin] Second Luminous -- nothing superfluous


Mary Vitamin October 26th
Topic: The Second Luminous Mystery-- the Wedding at Cana - nothing superfluous
They have no wine
About these words spoken by Our Lady, Fr. Stefano Manelli remarks:
"These words are emblematic of the mission of Mary before God: she is always the one who presents our needs before God. And she does this with a minimum of words, without adding anything superfluous."
All Generations Shall Call Me Blessed, (Academy of the Immaculate: 1989), 294.
John Paul II
In the Luminous mysteries "apart from the miracle at Cana, the presence of Mary remains in the background. … Yet the role she assumed at Cana in some way accompanies Christ throughout his ministry. The revelation made directly by the Father at the Baptism in the Jordan and echoed by John the Baptist is placed upon Mary's lips at Cana, and it becomes the great maternal counsel which Mary addresses to the Church of every age:

Do whatever he tells you

This counsel is a fitting introduction to the words and signs of Christ’s public ministry and it forms the Marian foundation of all the mysteries of light."
Rosarium Virginis Mariae #21
To imitate Our Lady today, I will try to speak without adding anything superfluous. Charity, humility, and many other virtues are protected by controlling my words. I will try to accomplish this by keeping my mind on Our Lady at the Wedding feast of Cana, who with a heart full of trust in the Lord’s power, spoke little but believed much --and received even more.
Marian Vow:
Do whatever He tells you.
Father Stefano Manelli, FI remarks:
"Did not Mary's words perhaps arouse in those servants sentiments of complete docility toward Jesus' orders? … This particular should not be overlooked, for it exemplifies how the action of Mary is effective with the effectiveness of grace in all her children."
All Generations Shall Call Me Blessed, (Academy of the Immaculate: 1989), 294.
I give this resolution to the Blessed Virgin Mary.
Thanks be to God for graces received.


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