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Mary TV Daily Reflection 3/13/2013

Ivan's Statue of Our Lady in his chapel 
(c)Mary Matasso 2011
Therefore, these days that are upcoming....     

March 13, 2013

Dear Family of Mary!

As we enter the second day of the Conclave, let's remember a few things that Our Lady has said to us over the past few weeks. She has been preparing us for this moment. She wants us to pray with purity, faith and peace. And so she has given us some guidance in her messages. Here are some excerpts:

"...Therefore these days that are upcoming, may your question also be - and I pose this question to you - 'What can I do that my heart may be closer to Jesus?'  May this question lead you.  Say to yourselves, 'What must I leave behind?  What must I reject that my heart may be closer to Jesus?  Pray dear children, and I will pray for all of you that your answer in your hearts may be 'Yes, I desire to be closer to Jesus!'" (12/28/12 - Ivan)

Our Lady told us the key to getting through these "upcoming" days. She knew that Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI was contemplating renunciation of the Papacy. And if he did it then the whole Church was going to enter into transition. And so she prepared us to enter this drawing us close to Jesus!!

"Dear children, with much love and patience I strive to make your hearts like unto mine. I strive, by my example, to teach you humility, wisdom and love because I need you; I cannot do without you my children. According to God's will I am choosing you, by His strength I am strengthening you. Therefore, my children, do not be afraid to open your hearts to me. I will give them to my Son and in return, He will give you the gift of divine peace. You will carry it to all those whom you meet, you will witness God's love with your life and you will give the gift of my Son through yourselves. Through reconciliation, fasting and prayer, I will lead you. Immeasurable is my love. Do not be afraid. My children, pray for the shepherds. May your lips be shut to every judgment, because do not forget that my Son has chosen them and only He has the right to judge. Thank you."(01/02/13)

This entire message is too precious to leave anything out. Here Our Lady told us that she wants to make us like her, because she is choosing us to carry the gift of divine peace into the world. She told us not to be afraid. She firmly told us not to speak in judgment of our Shepherds. Our job is to be love, peace, and faith for these days. She wants us to be just like her, carriers of peace in these times of decision.

"...Do not be afraid for yourselves. In afflictions my Son does not forget those who love. I will be beside you. I will implore the Heavenly Father for the light of eternal truth and love to illuminate you. Pray for your shepherds so that through your fasting and prayer they can lead you in love. Thank you." (02/02/13)

Again, knowing what was coming, Our Lady told us not to be afraid for ourselves. Jesus will be near us in every affliction. She will be beside us. She will pray for us to have eternal truth and love. This is her prayer for the Cardinals as well. She told us to fast and pray for the shepherds so that they can lead us in love. As well as prayer, it strikes me that we should be fasting for the Cardinals as of now! Our sacrifices will strengthen them!

"...Along with your prayer and fasting, by His cross, my Son will cast away the darkness that wants to surround you and come to rule over you. He will give you the strength for a new life. Living it according to my Son, you will be a blessing and a hope to all those sinners who wander in the darkness of sin. My children, keep vigil. I, as a mother, am keeping vigil with you. I am especially praying and watching over those whom my Son called to be light-bearers and carriers of hope for you - for your shepherds. Thank you." (03/02/13)

And finally, as the conclave approached, Our Lady called us to keep vigil with her for our Shepherds. She told us that Jesus would cast away the darkness with our prayer and fasting and by His cross. The darkness needs to be cast away from our Church. And this conclave can be empowered to do just that, if we fast and pray for our shepherds, keeping vigil with Mary.

So we have been prepared for this moment by Our Mother. She has led us to this moment, in peace, in trust, in love, and in prayer and fasting. This is our call. To pray and fast, to not fear for ourselves but to act with love and confidence, to pray and to believe in the Father's plan.

We have been prepared! Let's respond to her call!
In Jesus, Mary and Joseph!
Cathy Nolan
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