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Spiritual Gems-The Incredible Lessons from the Life of St. Joseph-September 12, 2015

The Incredible Lessons from the Life of St. Joseph

Saint Joseph had the honor of spending every day with Jesus Christ , and that with Mary he had the greatest share of Christ's Graces.  Nonetheless, St. Joseph lived a hidden life with his actions and virtues known to none (outside Jesus and Mary).  May such a fine example teach us that one can be great without being in a revered job, joyous at each moment without trumpeting our achievements and talents to others, and have real glory without the help of fame or even any human recognition.

One is great simply by the testimony of God in allowing us to be His children and one's conscience being at peace in God's Commandments and in the humility displayed by Jesus, which we must imitate. This is the only greatness to which we must aspire, which the world, the flesh and satan completely abhor.  Greatness is within one's soul, which God knows and sees.  Let us this day take up St. Joseph as a true model and constant intercessor in Heaven.

Based in a mediation from the "Glories of St. Joseph" by the Monks of St. Joseph Abbey

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