Saturday, September 05, 2015

The Son took "all sin" and the Mother took “all pain"

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September 5 – Our Lady of Pedancino (Italy) – French writer and poet Charles Peguy (d. 1914)

The Son took "all sin" and the Mother took “all pain"

On August 15, 1914, Lieutenant Charles Péguy attended Mass for the feast of the Assumption somewhere in eastern France. On September 3rd, he spent part of the night laying flowers at the foot of the statue of the Virgin. ...On September 5th, in Villeroy (France), he was killed by a bullet in the forehead.

Charles Péguy once said: “I am one of these Catholics that would trade all of Saint Thomas for the Stabat, the Magnificat, the Ave Maria and the Salve Regina." ... What could he possibly know of Mary without some knowledge of theological treatises and the compelling logic of the philosophers?

First of all, he understood the power of consolation of a Mother. One day, without telling his wife (who was an atheist), Péguy went off alone to pray. He was full of anger, violent agitation and yet much devotion. He felt overwhelmed, as well, by family issues. With all the strength of his faith, he placed his children in the arms of the Blessed Virgin.

Just as the Son took “all sin”, his Mother takes “all pain.” Charles Péguy returned home feeling confident and reassured. He remained so. Whenever he needed to relieve his burdened soul, he would offer up all his suffering, turning to Our Lady.
Charles peguy.jpg
Portrait of Charles Péguy, by Jean-Pierre Laurens, 1908 (Wikipedia)

Adapted from the book Philosophe, by Damien Le Gay, published in 2014 (Bayard Ed.)