Monday, August 24, 2015

Blessed Glen

* August 24 – Dedication of Our Lady of Benoîte-Vaux (France, 1138)   * "Blessed Glen" ----- A Moment with Mary --

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August 24 – Dedication of Our Lady of Benoîte-Vaux (France, 1138)  

"Blessed Glen"

Benoîte-Vaux, or Blessed Glen in English, in eastern France, has been a place of pilgrimage in honor of Mary for eight centuries. Hidden in the forest between Verdun and Bar-le Duc, the shrine of Benoîte-Vaux is one of the oldest pilgrimages in the Lorraine region.

According to tradition, one day some woodsmen, attracted by heavenly songs, wandered up to an uprooted oak. There they discovered a statue of the Virgin Mary. Amazed, they decided to place it in an oratory, where in time more and more pilgrims came to visit it. In 1180, the Bishop of Verdun sent some Norbertine monks to oversee the shrine.

In the 19th century, the shrine flourished. A large monastery was built and the statue was crowned by Pope Pius IX on September 8, 1875. The present church dates from 1705. The statue of Our Lady, venerated as "Queen of Peace, Comfort of the Afflicted" represents the Virgin holding an apple (the symbol of sin) and baby Jesus.

Benoîte-Vaux continues to attract many pilgrims. Today it is a place of reflection and renewal for the Christians of the diocese and beyond, under the loving gaze of Mary.

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