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The Philippines special devotion to the Rosary

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August 12 – Our Lady of La Motte (Vesoul, France, 1854) - Saint Jane Frances de Chantal

The Philippines special devotion to the Rosary

Father Patrick Peyton, CSC in the Philippines,...

Father Patrick Peyton, CSC in the Philippines, shaking hands with Filipinos who gathered for the Rosary Rally in the Archdiocese of Manila in 1953 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Discovered in 1521 by Magellan, colonized and evangelized by the Spanish starting in 1565, the Philippines were completely Christianized in 40 years without bloodshed.

Peace was reigning there when, on March 15, 1646, a hostile Dutch Protestant fleet threatened Manila. The dismay was great. The Filipinos had only two commercial galleons, one called The Incarnation and the other The Rosary. They armed them in haste, while a Dominican priest, Father De Conca, ardently commented the mysteries of the Rosary to the sailors, who fervently recited it all the while on deck.

From March to September, the two galleons launched five attacks, and won five humanly inexplicable victories. Each time the Protestant ships were pushed back with cries of "Long live the faith of Christ and the Blessed Virgin of the Rosary."

Among the 200 Filipino sailors, there were only 15 deaths. This victory saved Catholicism in Asia. Since then, the Philippines have retained a special devotion to the Rosary.

The Fifteen Mysteries of the Rosary and the Vi...

The Fifteen Mysteries of the Rosary and the Virgin of the Rosary, a Rosary-based cycle. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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