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One night in about the year 1113

* August 30 – Santa Maria de Carquere (Portugal) * One night in about the year 1113 ----- A Moment with Mary --

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August 30 – Santa Maria de Carquere (Portugal)

One night in about the year 1113

According to tradition, Our Lady of Carquere, on the Douro River in Portugal, is associated with the miraculous healing of Prince Afonso Henriques, who was to become the first King of Portugal.
Gerald of Braga baptises the infant Afonso
(Wikipedia photo)

Prince Afonso Henriques had been born a cripple, paralyzed from the knees down. A knight by the name of Egas de Monis, the child’s governor and companion, was a man of deep faith. He prayed fervently for the prince, seeking the help of the Blessed Virgin that the boy’s legs might be straightened through her intercession. …

One night in about the year 1113, when the prince was four years old, Egas de Monis put him to bed and fell asleep himself. Our Lady appeared and wakened the governor, disclosing her identity: "I am the Virgin Mary." She told him to go to a particular place in the hills above the Douro River that she indicated where she said: "If you dig there you will find a church that was built in my name. Place the child on the altar at night, and he will recover because my Son wants, through that prince, to destroy many enemies of the faith."

This was done and, as promised by the Virgin Mary, the young prince was healed on the altar of the newfound church of Carquere, now famous throughout Portugal. The Church of Our Lady of Carquere, or Santa Maria de Carquere, can still be visited in Spain.

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