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If you don’t go to Our Lady as Mother…

* August 9 – Our Lady of the Parish (Italy, 1829)  * If you don’t go to Our Lady as Mother…  ----- A Moment with Mary --

Une Minute avec Marie
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August 9 – Our Lady of the Parish (Italy, 1829) 

If you don’t go to Our Lady as Mother… 

A beautiful relationship with Our Lady, the relationship with Our Lady helps us to have a good relationship with the Church: both are Mothers … You know the beautiful passage of Saint Isaac, abbot of Stella: what can be said of Mary can be said of the Church and also of our soul. All three are feminine, all three are Mothers, all three give life. The relationship with Our Lady is the relationship of a son … Watch over this: if there is no good relationship with Our Lady, there is something of an orphan in my heart.

I remember once, 30 years ago, I was in Northern Europe… And a family of practicing Catholics invited me… (they were) enthusiasts of Jesus Christ… (and) they said: “Yes, thank God we have surpassed the stage of Our Lady…” And how is this?, I said. “Yes, because we have discovered Jesus Christ, and we no longer have need of her.”

I was somewhat pained; I didn’t understand well… And this isn’t maturity! It’s not maturity. To forget the Mother is something awful… And, to say it another way: if you don’t go to Our Lady as Mother, you certainly will have her as a mother-in-law! And this isn’t good. 

Pope Francis
On May 12, 2014, during an open-hearted dialogue with priests and seminarians of the Roman Pontifical Colleges

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