Friday, March 01, 2013

Mary TV: Denis' update - March 1, 2013








"My eyes and my heart will be here,  

even when I will no longer appear." 


President:  Denis Nolan 

P.O. Box 899

Notre Dame, IN  46556


 Mary TV is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization




  Mirjana at Blue Cross 2013  

Mirjana's January 2, 2013 Apparition at the Blue Cross

(c)Josip Zubac 2013   



Dear Family of Mary TV....


Mirjana's March 2, 2013 Apparition will be streamed -live -
approximately 9:00 am (Medj. time) - 3:00 am EST
at -



Tell family and friends they can be present during an apparition  


(see  <>
for an explanation of Our Lady's  blessing through the internet)!



For many of us it will be the middle of the night, but what a joy it is to be "present" when she comes, even over the internet!  Join us!