Monday, July 01, 2013

Direction For Our Times Monthly message from Anne, a lay apostle

Direction for Our Times
We continue our cycle of monthly messages with July 2005 for our prayer groups and personal reflection.
July 1, 2005 Jesus
Today I cry out to young people. Young souls are the cherished jewels in the Kingdom of God on earth. The formation of these souls must be treated with reverence. Each individual in the Kingdom bears a responsibility to young souls, even if it is simply through setting an example of Christian living. Dear children of God, you are accountable for the impact of your actions and each sin carries an impact, however unnoticeable. Search your life and you will discover where I am asking you to assist young people. Many children live in families lacking a parent. Perhaps I am asking you to share your Christianity with those children in order to be a role model. Dear souls, in most cases, young people learn how to be adults by watching others. So your life, the model of your living out your walk with Me, has impact. Your life can be something which a child can measure sin against. Think of a holy person you knew while you were growing up. Now remember back to a time when you saw others committing acts that were unholy. Did you not recognize that these acts would not be acceptable to this holy person? Sometimes it is simply speech. There are certain people near whom you will be careful about what you say. I am asking you to become one of those people. I want others to take note of your presence and know that Jesus should not be insulted. I want others to understand that your Church should not be unjustly vilified in your presence. In short, I want others to know that when you are present, I am present. They will then use you as the standard against which they measure their actions. You must stand for Me. I am asking each of you to sit in silence and consider how I am asking you to assist My young people in the world. Be assured of My great gratitude in this matter. Through this mission of mercy and love I wish to call all young people back to My heart. Will you help Me?
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