Tuesday, July 02, 2013

The Good Pope, sainted within the year

Pope John XXIII
Pope John XXIII

“He cured a dying nun”. The canonization will be at the same time as Wojtyla


Wojtyla "instant saint" but along with John XXIII, the "Good Pope." This morning at the Vatican cardinals and bishops who are members of the  “ordinary” Congregation of Saints, were meeting to examine various cases before the summer. Among these, the miracle attributed to the intercession of Blessed John Paul II, the instantaneous healing of a woman. The last crucial step before Francesco’s final seal of approval, which will lead to the canonization in record time, of the Polish Pontiff beatified two years ago.
But surprisingly, the cardinals and bishops will also discuss another subject, added in the last few days, the canonization of John XXIII, the Pope who convened the Second Vatican Council, who died fifty years ago in June and was beatified in 2000. An unexpected turn of events, which attests to the desire to celebrate the two sanctifications together, bringing the halo and the universal worship to both the Pope of Bergamo, and Pope John Paul II.

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