Thursday, July 25, 2013

From Mary TV: Denis' update



"Medjugorje is the spiritual center of the world!"
Blessed John Paul II 

Be connected!   

July 24, 2013
Feast Day of St. Charbel

Dear Mary TV Family:

Marija gave Mary TV permission to film her apparition in Medjugorje last night (see July 23, 2013 apparition at <>).  Afterwards she said: "At the moment of the apparition and Our Lady came, I recommended to Our Lady all of us, all our intentions, all that we have in our hearts.  Our Lady prayed over us and she blessed us all." 

Last year Cardinal Schoenborn told Mary TV that Our Lady prays over and blesses those also connected to the apparition through the internet.  And the religious items they have placed by their computers for Our Lady to bless are blessed the same as those placed right in front of her during her apparition.

When Our Lady appears to Mirjana on Friday, August 2nd, everyone praying over the internet through Mary TV will be prayed over by Our Lady and receive her blessing the same as those physically present during the apparition that is taking place in Medjugojre....  The Holy See has confirmed Cardinal Schoenborn's assessment of blessings through the internet:  "The Vatican has announced that those Catholics who follow the events of World Youth Day via social media will be granted the same indulgence - and time off purgatory - as those who attend the event in person."  (Also note the Archdiocese of Montreal's announcement, "A blessing from God on the Internet" at <>)

During this Year of Faith we want to keep moving ahead responding to Blessed John Paul II's last appeal to the Church, The Rapid Development, "Do not be afraid of new technologies!"  For example, we're hoping to begin streaming live the homilies given during the English Masses in St. James Church in Medjugorje.    Moving ahead usually means increased cost....  But I've got a plan!

After the building where Mary TV is located stood unfinished for 5 years - open to the elements - I began calling upon St. Andre Bessette to get it done.   For several months leading up to his October 17, 2010 canonization, I would call upon him every day during our Rosary over the internet, requesting that as his first miracle as an official saint in the Church he would get the building finished!   Not to take this on would be embarrassing for him.  He had built the Oratory for St. Joseph.  How could he leave unfinished this building in Medjugorje for Our Lady?

Everyday during the rosary I would beg him publicly.... His canonization came and went.  There was nothing!  I felt ashamed for him.   Within a few weeks I received an email from Leo Daly congratulating me for getting the money to finish construction.  I thought he was making a joke.... He sent pictures!  A totally unexpected way had opened up for the building to get finished - not through me!  Saint Andre did it!

One day in Medjugorje years ago, the Pastor, Fr. Pervan, handed me a fax that had just arrived at the parish office.  Cardinal Frantisek Tomisek was inviting me to come to Prague to film his testimony.  He wanted the world to know that Pope John Paul II had told him that if he weren't Pope he would be living in Medjugorje helping to hear confessions....That's where John Paul II told the cardinal he would be living as a priest if he weren't the pope!

At the end of this year Blessed John Paul will be canonized.  He'll become Saint John Paul the Great.  Here's my plan.  Let's all make little shrines to him by our computers - even just with only his picture on a holy card.  Everyday let's remind him of the request he made to us in his last Apostolic Letter, The Rapid Development;  that we use modern means of communication technologies to spread good news to the world. .... Let's bombard him with prayer - reminding him of his love for Our Lady and love for Medjugorje...requesting that his first act as an official saint in the Church is to get our studios completed and to take care of all of Mary TV's financial needs so that we can move ahead for Our Lady.  That's his job.  He take care of all of Mary TV's financial needs!*

Thank you and God bless you!


* Cardinal Stanislaw Dziwisz, Archbishop of Krakow (who for nearly 40 years was Blessed John Paul's personal secretary) has told me that he is praying in his chapel in Krakow for Mary TV: "Thank you very much for the good news regarding MARY TV.  I hope that all things with TV in Medjugorje will go according to God's will.  I promise you my prayers through the intercession of the Servant of God, John Paul II - true disciple of Blessed Virgin Mary, Totus tuus!"

PS.  We'll leave future financial needs to Saint John Paul the Great... Two immediate needs:
A) a new Dslr Camera for our crew in Medjugorje...  Cost $2,000
B) Cathy needs a designated computer for live streaming...Cost $2,000   Having to carry back and forth from the studio her office computer, she knocked a class of water on it and we can't get it to start up.  She may also need to replace this computer that she uses for her reflections, running the business office, keeping records, etc.  (I'll let you know if that computer survived that bath at the beginning of our rosary tomorrow morning....)

PPS.  Keep an eye on our website for special programming of the Youth Festival this coming week.  We hope to have testimonies and special coverage!  We will try to announce in advance the programs!