Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Mary TV Daily Reflection 9/18/2013

Our Lady's love
The Motherly love of Mary 
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September 18, 2013

Dear Family of Mary!

"Dear children, I love you all. All of you, all of my children, all of you are in my heart. All of you have my motherly love and I desire to lead all of you to come to know God's joy. This is why I am calling you...." (September 2, 2013)

One last excerpt from Sr. Briege McKenna's testimony given on "Fruit of Medjugorje, Episode 30." Sr. Briege had a word from the Lord about Our Lady's love, her motherly love for each of us, and it explains beautifully how Our Lady can say that she loves all of us:

Our Lady is the Queen of Prophets. I remember one day in prayer getting this insight that at the foot of Calvary, that up until that moment Mary was known as the mother of Jesus. She was the biological mother of Jesus. That's what the people knew her as. At the very moment when Jesus said to John, "Behold your mother..." I got a vision of Mary's heart just expanding, so that the same love that she had for Jesus as a mother, at that very moment, as a gift from the Father, she was given for each of us. I said to Fr. Kevin, I had a sense of the tremendous love of the mother, so that she wants to protect her children. She is absolutely desperate. The Father gave her this mission at the foot of the Cross through Jesus to be the Mother of all Humanity. So it is only right that a mother will announce "Prepare yourself, keep away from danger, let me show you the road."

Isn't this beautiful! And now doesn't it make sense out of something Our Lady said to the visionaries years ago: "I love each one of you as much as I love my Son, Jesus." She loves us with the God-given love she received at the foot of the Cross. It is a grace which cannot be understood except by faith. God has provided for us the love of Mary, as our Mother. It is her Motherly love, the love she has for Jesus, now expanded to include each of us!! It is for these last days, the days of her Triumph that we are being given this awareness. It is so that we can help her to reach all her children, now! Reach them with her love! She calls us so that we can extend her call to others.

May we grow in our awareness of Mary's powerful, motherly love for each of us, so that strengthened by that love, we can give it to all those we meet. These are the days of her Triumph! It is a Triumph of love!!

In Jesus, Mary and Joseph!
Cathy Nolan
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