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Mary TV Daily Reflection 9/29/2013

Praying at the Risen Christ

Fall in love with Jesus and Mary!
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September 29, 2013

Dear Family of Mary!

"Dear children! Also today I call you to prayer. May your relationship with prayer be a daily one. Prayer works miracles in you and through you, therefore, little children, may prayer be a joy for you. Then your relationship with life will be deeper and more open and you will comprehend that life is a gift for each of you. Thank you for having responded to my call."(September 25, 2013)

Denis and I and our team have been very busy in these first days in Medjugorje! The team was able to redesign the studio, moving the equipment and setting up everything in time for the Daily Rosary. It was great! Denis and I are very moved to pray here in Medjugorje with our dear friends from around the world. Each day so far, we have been joined in the studio by pilgrims who are "in the boat!" and pray with us at home! It is an incredible joy to meet here in Medjugorje with all of you!!

Another blessing was that during our Rosary today, Marija was giving a talk at the Church! We are so close that we could hear her from the studio! And KiKi filmed her talk, and brought it back in time for us to stream it directly after the Rosary today!! Wow! This is incredible!!!  (Marija's talk is at the end of Saturday's Rosary -9/28/13)

I have begun to transcribe Marija's talk, and here is the first part. Enjoy!!!

Marija gave a talk at the back of church on September 28, 2013 and filmed by Mary TV:

I would like to in a special way, to invite you all to be closer to Our Lady through this testimony I would like to give. I would love you to fall in love with Our Lady as we fell in love with Our Lady when we started in the first days of Our Lady's apparitions. We tried to put into practice what Our Lady asked of us. We fell in love with her and we started following her messages. Then, step by step, what Our Lady was saying became a joy for us. We started living with joy what she was asking of us. In the beginning we had difficulties doing it. I have to admit that at the beginning we were not that used to prayer. But then, step by step, as we fell in love with Our Lady, we started following her directions.

As Our Lady was in love with Jesus, she expected us to fall in love with him, and we started praying and contemplating His beauty. And together with Our Lady we started becoming closer to Jesus every day. Our Lady allowed us to fall in love.

At the beginning we said that we were not worthy. But step by step, she said that God was allowing her to be present in our midst. And she said that it was a gift that she was able to choose and invite us to be her instruments. We started feeling important in her eyes. We started feeling the joy of God. God was not far away, not up there in the clouds, but we felt the God who is close to us. And that was the joy of God.

We started to pray with the heart as she has invited us. And to pray with the heart was something that Our Lady, with all of her heart, asked of us. She was inviting us all the time to more and more fall in love with God and to be in love with the Church, and to pray until God would increase our faith.

Our Lady said to us that Faith is a gift. And we started, step by step, slowly to live that gift. And we started living Our Lady's every day presence here. We began with every day a lot of fear. Fear of not being worthy. But at the same time, this was a communist country that we lived in and there was also fear that we could die. But then, step by step, Our Lady was strengthening us with prayer and her presence and her peace, as she introduced herself as the Queen of Peace.

And Our Lady today says to us that we have to be carriers of that peace with our life and with our prayer. Our Lady invites us that each one of us should make a decision for prayer through the daily personal conversion. God in thousands of ways gives us signs that tell us "convert". Put God in the first place in your life. Without God you do not have a future. And you do not have eternal life. That is why she is inviting us to abandon and leave behind the things of the world. She has been inviting us to think about God. Try to find a balance between the material and spiritual life, because now a days, between materialism, consumerism and different ideologies, we are distancing ourselves from God.   Our Lady invites us to return to God, to return to the simplicity of our everyday life.

In a special way Our Lady has been inviting us to put God in the first place in our life. Pray every day. And we started together with our Lady to pray and to learn how to pray. At the beginning the Creed, 7 Our Father's, 7 Hail Mary's, and 7 Glory Be's, the 7 as we call it, is the prayer that we say here every day, at the Church of Medjugorje, in the evening at the end of Holy Mass. We say the prayer of 7 Our Father's, 7 Hail Mary's, and 7 Glory Be's, and we say it on our knees. We say it as a sign of thanksgiving to the Mother of God for her presence here in our midst.

But Our Lady asks us for more. She invites us to more. We said that we would love to be even more in love with her and then Our Lady told us what to do: "Pray the Rosary, because at the moment when you pray the Rosary your heart is being opened, and I can intercede for you before my son so that He may give you graces you are praying for." Our Lady started inviting us to form prayer groups in our homes, in our families and in our parishes. We can help one another in the journey of our spiritual growth. There we can share our spiritual experiences and help one another. And she invited us to choose a spiritual guide, a priest who will be your spiritual guide. Who would be able to help you every day to know how to go forward.

Our Lady said to us that with prayer and fasting even wars can be stopped. And this is what we experienced, we prayed and we fasted and we could see the power of prayer and the power of fasting. As it is written in the Sacred Scripture that certain evil spirits can only be cast out through prayer and fasting, Our Lady said that good exists but also evil exists. And Our Lady says that Satan does not only destroy our lives, but also the planet on which we live. That is why Our Lady invites us to fast and pray. We can fast in different ways. Kids can fast by giving up candies or ice cream when it is hot. Our Maybe some games, because sometimes they become dependent on those games. Even us, there are so many things that we are attached to. And we are attacked by things from this material world that enslave us. Our Lady invites us to fast so that we could reach the level (which Our Lady invites us to) of fasting on bread and water. If it is possible on those days that we pray in silence and we fast until the Lord starts speaking within us.

These days we have experienced the power of fasting and prayer. In a special way, Pope Francis to fast and to pray, and the entire church was united in this when we were praying for the grace of peace in Syria. And thanks be to God we see through the politicians and in who knows what ways, God heard our prayers. For sure God will hear our everyday prayer in which we pray for little things in our lives. There are many times when there is a war in the family. Maybe in your own heart you do not have peace. When we Christians do not hear, we are far from God and the Sacraments. Our Lady invites us to return to God. Without God we do not have God or eternal life. (Marija Pavlovic-Lunetti - speaking in Medjugorje 09/28/13

Marjia talks an awful lot about falling in love with Our Lady. And I think that is the key to everything. The visionaries have encountered Our Lady on a daily basis, and they have really gotten to know her. They are now completely in love with her. And so their lives are centered completely on living in that love. This is what Our Lady wants to give us as well. She wants us to learn to love her, so that in that love we can live with her the love she has for God. We will be drawn into her love and that love will direct us to God.

So, for now, I leave you with that one idea. Fall in love with Our Lady. That is the key!

In Jesus, Mary and Joseph!
Cathy Nolan
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