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Mary TV Daily Reflection 11/20/2013


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November 20, 2013

Dear Family of Mary!

I have been increasingly aware of a certain agitation in the world, but especially in those who are trying to follow Our Lady. This agitation reminds me of sheep who are being harried by the wolf. Even in their fold, sheep will begin to move about and show fear, if they smell the wolf nearby. And so it seems in these days. The enemy is circling around Our Lady's children, trying to stir us up. And if we give in to this agitation, it will harm us and Our Lady's plan. I have gathered a few messages that may help refocus those who are agitated or afraid, and will strengthen all of us.

We have nothing to fear. God is our Father and Our Lady is with us:

Thursday, March 15, 1984:
"Dear children, pray! All agitation comes from satan. Your prayer should lead to peace."

February 25, 1991:
"Dear children! Today, I invite you to decide for God, because distance from God is the fruit of the lack of peace in your hearts. God is only peace. Therefore, approach Him through your personal prayer and then live peace in your hearts and in this way peace will flow from your hearts like a river into the whole world. Do not talk about peace, but make peace. I am blessing each of you and each good decision of yours. Thank you for having responded to my call."

December 25, 1992:
"Dear children! I desire to place all of you under my mantle and protect you from all satanic attacks. Today is a day of peace, but in the whole world there is a great lack of peace. That is why I call you all to build a new world of peace with me through prayer. This I cannot do without you, and this is why I call all of you with my motherly love and God will do the rest. So, open yourselves to God's plan and to His designs to be able to cooperate with Him for peace and for everything that is good. Do not forget that your life does not belong to you, but is a gift with which you must bring joy to others and lead them to eternal life. May the tenderness of the little Jesus always accompany you. Thank you for having responded to my call."

March 25, 1993:
"Dear children! Today like never I call you to pray for peace, for peace in your hearts, peace in your families and peace in the whole world, because satan wants war, wants lack of peace, wants to destroy all which is good. Therefore, dear children, pray, pray, pray. Thank you for having responded to my call."

November 25, 2001:
"Dear children! In this time of grace, I call you anew to prayer. Little children, pray and prepare your hearts for the coming of the King of Peace, that with His blessing He may give peace to the whole world. Peacelessness has begun to reign in hearts and hatred reigns in the world. That is why, you who live my messages be the light and extended hands to this faithless world that all may come to know the God of Love. Do not forget, little children, I am with you and bless you all. Thank you for having responded to my call."

Our prayer should lead to peace. If it does not, we can only pray more. Those who pray more receive the grace to pray better. Such prayer will lead to peace.

In Jesus, Mary and Joseph!
Cathy Nolan
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