Tuesday, December 29, 2015

An expression of surprise tinged with admiration

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Decembre 29 – Our Lady of Flowers (1336)

An expression of surprise tinged with admiration

Annunciation by Murillo, 1655 (Wikipedia)
The Church celebrates Our Lady of the Rosary in early October and offers us a reading from Saint Luke that illuminates the traditional story found in the Rosary. This is the episode when the Angel greets the Virgin Mary, immortalized in one of the simplest and most famous Catholic prayers, the Hail Mary.

This passage in Luke is unique. It is the only one in all Scripture where an angel humbly salutes a human being in a laudatory manner. Except for this passage, all the other biblical stories present an angel that attracts the attention of men, often to warn them, but never to greet anyone in this way.

The evangelist depicts the Archangel Gabriel addressing the Virgin Mary as "full of grace." He finally finds a creature among men who loves God more than he himself was able to love. Hence the surprise, tinged with admiration, that the Angel’s words imply, which is reflected in his encounter with a creature whose love filled her with graces.

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Father Paulo Ricardo