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Spiritual Gems-The Infant Teaches Us The One Thing-December 25, 2015

English: Madonna and Child
English: Madonna and Child (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Christmas: The Infant Teaches Us The One Thing

In looking at the infant Jesus in the manger, we must stop and think deeply about the reality of an infant God.  If the Divine and Omnipotent God could become so helpless and dependent, are we not obliged to accept ourselves as we are and let ourselves be loved by God?  God loves us, each of us, to the point of human "madness" and we must let Him love us as we are, not as we hope to become.  We must consent to be nothing and to do nothing, but love and be loved.  We must let God have the joy of loving us.

 Now, if we love God, we will keep His Commandments out of love, because we would never purposely offend someone we love, but most importantly we will give Him our life.  We will live for Him, not for ourselves.  We will speak to Him throughout the day as we would to our dearest friend.  How do we know we have committed to let Him live His life in us?  The answer is simple but not easy.  It is in how we spend our time each day in seeking His Glory and the salvation of souls as our first and our ongoing purpose and desire.  It is Grace, and we must constantly ask for this share in Divine Life!

Adapted from Fr. Jacques Philippe in "Time for God"

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