Saturday, December 12, 2015

Spiritual Gems-The Foundation of Daily Intimacy With God is Mental Prayer-December 12, 2015

The Foundation of Daily Intimacy With God is Mental Prayer

"The whole edifice of (mental) prayer is founded upon humility"...on being absolutely convicted that of ourselves we can do nothing. And it is God alone who can produce good in our souls.  Our stubborn and subtle pride makes this idea distasteful to is, but in fact it is enormously liberating.  God who loves us beyond our comprehension will carry us infinitely closer to Himself when we completely and fully submit each day to mental prayer.  Without mental prayer, one can not become holy.  Mental prayer is not a technique to be practiced, but a Grace to be received through constant desire and entreaties to God.  However, one will not receive the Gift if one does not demonstrate sincere desire by persevering in daily mental prayer.

Adapted from "Time for God" by Fr. Jacques Philippe (one of the great, short books on mental prayer)

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