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I had seen that kind of “necklace” before

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March 12 – Our Lady of the Elm Tree (1610)

I had seen that kind of “necklace” before

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Sister Catharina Maria was once was a pagan, a Buddhist and anti-Catholic ... This is her testimonial:

"Influenced by my older sister, my mother wanted to convert to Catholicism. She asked me to do the same. My answer was resolute: "No never," I firmly replied. Two years of spiritual struggle went by before I finally decided to ask to be baptized. But I still did not believe in God at all. God did not exist for me. I had asked for baptism only for my mother’s sake, just to please her.

I continued in my disbelief until the priest poured the baptismal water on my forehead. The moment the water flowed down my face, my stony heart crumbled into the infinite Love of God, and looking at the Cross my eyes said, "I love you Lord."

At the end of Mass, my mother gave me a Rosary as a baptism gift. I had seen my mother pray daily with that kind of "necklace." She even recited those prayers at night. The image of her praying, juxtaposed with the face of a Beautiful Lady, was my favorite "picture." I knew she was praying for me, her "prodigal" child. Since that day, the Rosary became, like for my mother, my favorite prayer.

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