Wednesday, March 16, 2016

“The flames caused no damage to the house”

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March 16 – Our Lady of the Fountain (Constantinople, 460)

“The flames caused no damage to the house”

Statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary in her house exterior. (Wikipedia)
The violent forest fires that ravaged the Turkish coast south of Ephesus in 2006 stopped suddenly, as if "by divine intervention," just 5 meters from the house of the Mother of God known as Meryemana, according to the Turkish newspaper Milliyet.

Tradition believes that it was in this house, located southeast of Ephesus on Mount Bulbul, that the Dormition of the Mother of God took place. "On our return to the House of Mary, we found a divine miracle: the flames that burned everything all around caused no damage to the house," said Sister Antonia Velasco.

Meryemana is one of the few Christian sites in Turkey that has not been left in disrepair by the Turkish authorities. A magnificent statue of the crowned Virgin has even been brought to the site and left undisturbed on the road leading to Mary’s House, kept, appropriately, by the Franciscan Custody. Salve Regina!

The Mary of Nazareth Team
Source: Miracle marial en Turquie

The exterior view of the house of the Blessed Virgin Mary