Thursday, March 17, 2016

“It's all in here! Everything is in here!”

Une Minute avec Marie
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March 17 – Virgin of the French (Nagasaki, Japan) – Our Lady of Blaj (Romania)

“It's all in here! Everything is in here!”

Around 1930, Dr. Takashi Nagai, an atheist at the time (and future survivor of the atomic bomb in Nagasaki in 1945), visited a Polish Franciscan priest recently arrived in Japan—the future Saint Maximilian Kolbe. He tells this story:

"When he shook my hand, I realized he had a fever. I asked him: ‘Don’t you feel sick?’ – ‘Examine me!’ he replied with a bright smile. I examined him and exclaimed: ‘Father, this is serious! Both of your lungs have tuberculosis!’ Undaunted, he continued to smile and said: ‘Thank you, Doctor, you're a good doctor. Both in Rome and in Poland excellent doctors have told me the same thing for the past ten years.’ My reaction was to exclaim: ‘What? For ten years!?’

And this Knight of the Immaculate had been traveling the world for several years in this physical condition! As a physician, I was confronted with an incredible case, a challenge to science. And he continued to be active and cheerful although he only had the use of 1/5 of his lungs and a continual fever. Then, Father Kolbe gave me a Rosary, saying with a smile: ‘It's all in here! Everything is in here!’"

In 1934, Takashi Nagai asked to be baptized.

Takashi Nagai
Paul Takashi Nagai in 1946.gif
In mourning for his wife (1946) [Wikipedia]