Tuesday, January 26, 2016

We have witnessed Mary’s fruitfulness

* January 26 – Our Lady of Life (France) – Birth of Cardinal Charles Journet (1891)   * "We have witnessed Mary’s fruitfulness" ----- A Moment with Mary --

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January 26 – Our Lady of Life (France) – Birth of Cardinal Charles Journet (1891)  

"We have witnessed Mary’s fruitfulness"

Our Lady of Life is a shrine in Venasque, France, near Avignon, where the faithful have prayed to the Virgin Mary since the 6th century. It was Our Lady of Life who one day drew a holy priest to her—Father Marie-Eugene!

When Father Marie-Eugene discovered the ancient shrine of Our Lady of Life (Notre-Dame de Vie) in 1931, he felt a living presence there, which continued to accompany him all his life. He also found a powerful source of grace there.

He later established the lay institute of Notre-Dame de Vie there. Members of Notre-Dame de Vie are deeply marked by the presence of the Virgin Mary in their life.

"Since we have been here, we keep witnessing the magnificent sight of the fruitfulness of the Virgin Mary. She chose to give birth to children here, to bring souls and fill them with her light and life… What is first and foremost is not the fact that we are here, or that we’ve witnessed this or that particular event! No, the overwhelming reality here is the life that pours out of the womb and the soul of Our Lady of Life," wrote Father Marie-Eugene in The Most Motherly Virgin Mary (“La Vierge Marie Toute Mère”).

God Does Exist

God Does Exist
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