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The Mother of God accepted all this in humble thanksgiving

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January 6 – Epiphany of the Lord – The Adoration of the Magi

The Mother of God accepted all this in humble thanksgiving

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The words of the Kings—the Magi—and their companions were full of touching simplicity. Bowing down and offering him their gifts, they said in essence: "We have seen his star. We know he is the King of all Kings. We just love him and offer him our homage and our presents…"

They were close to ecstasy, and—in their naive and loving prayers—they recommended themselves, their families, their country, their property and anything that was dear to them on this earth, to the Child Jesus... They were filled with happiness; they believed that they had reached that star towards which for thousands of years, their ancestors had directed their gaze and their sights with such a constant desire. All the joy of the promise fulfilled after so many centuries was in them.

The Mother of God accepted all this in humble thanksgiving... She received each present with such kind and gentle gratitude! She who needed nothing, who had Jesus with her—humbly welcomed all their offerings of charity… There was such goodness in Mary and Joseph. They kept little for themselves and distributed the rest to those in need.

Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich
Visions, volume 1, Chapter XXV

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