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Spiritual Gems-Why Time and How You Use It is Everything for All Eternity-January 2, 2016

Why Time and How You Use It is Everything for All Eternity

Time passes and does not return. God has assigned to each of us a definite period of time on earth in which to fulfill His Plan for our soul.  All time impacts our eternity!  Time that is wasted is lost forever with consequences for our eternity.  Why?  Because we will be fixed forever in the degree of love we have attained here in time on earth. If we have truly given of ourselves at each moment in love for God and for love of God in others, we shall have a high degree of love and glory for all eternity.  If we have been lazy and comfortable and given God only a little love, especially in not pushing ourselves in living for Him and in giving Him more of the time not spent on duty, we shall have little love and glory for all eternity!  Let us always be thinking of the short moment of our life here in time compared to all eternity.  Why would we not push ourselves out of love for God, since our love for Him for all eternity will be directly proportional to how well we loved Him and lived for Him in this very brief moment of our life here in time?

Are we not the foolish maidens who think we have plenty of time to get our oil for our lamps of love, and then never get around to changing our habits?  Would not the best resolution we will ever make for any New Year, or for each new moment of the remaining seconds of our brief life in time, be this: Lord, I desire to love you as much as is possible for all eternity, yet I know I have failed miserably up to this moment.  This New Year, let me through your unlimited Merciful Grace, finally love You as You so desire to be loved by Your little this brief moment you have given to me, which will impact me for all eternity.  Lord, let me not fail to exhaust myself in loving You here in this brief second of time, so I may truly love You with as much love as is possible for each moment of eternity!  Lord, let me not fail You in my only purpose for existing!

Based in a meditation by Father Gabriel of St. Mary Magdalene

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